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Our Mission is to support healthcare initiatives in our community to enhance the quality of life for patients and families. In the last year the Foundation has purchased $356,196 in equipment.

We also raise awareness in the community about health needs.

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Our History

In 2002, an inaugural group of community-minded individuals formed the “Rocky Mountain House Health Centre Donation Committee”.

The objective was to take a lead role in fundraising to ensure resources were available for purchasing equipment and supporting programs at the Rocky Mountain House Health Centre

The Committee’s real focus was for enhancing patient care at the local hospital through the generosity of the community and corporate sponsorship.

Along with accepting donations, the Committee spearheaded the local Annual Hospital Gala. For 6 years this function raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. All spent at our local Health Care Facility.

One of the first significant purchases was new electrically-operated patient care beds for the Acute Care rooms. This was followed with maternity care needs, the Endo/Colonoscopy program, the Operating Room program, cardiac equipment for the Emergency Room and equipment for the skin healing program. These are only a few examples as over the years the list of items purchased has grown substantially. Every patient has benefited.

The Rocky Mountain House Health Centre Donation Committee had run via the David Thompson Health Trust for years being supported and assisted with Alberta Health Services staff. Many Central Alberta communities “Donation Committees” used the David Thompson Health Trust infrastructure to operate. With changes in Provincial mandates, the Rocky committee choose to operate under the umbrella of the Stettler Health Foundation.

“Rocky Mountain House and Area Health Services Foundation” was formed in 2016.

The Foundation is now self-sufficient and operates within the established Bylaws. The board, with representation from the community and the Health Centre run regular campaigns supporting needs of the patients and staff.

To clarify our communications with the community we now operate under the name "Rocky Health Foundation".

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