Operation Healthy Hospital, 2021

In this campaign we were striving for important healthcare program enhancements. These included maternity and newborn care, the operating room program and endoscopy program.

Fundraising Goal: $250,000

We provide high quality rural healthcare services to our local population. We offer care in our community and close to home as much as possible.

This includes labor and birth support with ready access to epidurals and Caesarean, gynecology surgical services, general surgery services, colonscopy and gastroscopy.

Our community has financially supported these services for years: it is needed today and will be in the future.

Upgrades Were Needed to Support Our New Specialists

Two specialists had relocated to Rocky Mountain House to support our healthcare team. They were eager to provide surgery and consultations.

To support their work the hospital needed to upgrade Operating Room instruments, tools and equipment. We also needed upgrades to ensure we have high quality instrument sterilization access at the site.

Managing the care of women during childbirth and their newborns requires continual updates to ensure safety and best outcomes.

Funds raised helped purchase Operating Room lights and instrument sets, endoscope washing equipment, fetal monitors, jaundice therapy lights and meters, autoclave, and instrument washer.

How Did the Community Benefit?

  • enhanced quality of life for patients, during and after treatment
  • improved emotional support for patients, as their home and family are closeby
  • reduced wait times
  • reduced travel time and expense for patients and families
  • retention of skilled professionals such as family physicians, specialists, surgical team experts, midwives and nurses
  • growth of community and improved sustainability through access to local healthcare

Some of the Equipment Purchased

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Endoscopic Cleaning Aid System

This unit performs a variety of functions to assist the MDR staff to thoroughly and safely clean reusable equipment with lumens/hollow instruments.

C-Mac Intubation

This unit is used in the Operating Room and in the treatment of life saving situations in ER and the inpatient unit. It uses video technology to quickly and accurately insert a breathing tube to support lung function for patients unable to breather adequately on their own.

ERBE Endocut

This unit is used to support a gastroscope or colonoscope procedure. This provides state of the art removal of growths and polyps and reduces complications and recovery time.

Ligasure Force Triad

A cautery machine is used to reduce bleeding from incisional areas during surgical procedures.

Uterine Palpation Probe and Cannula

The uterine palpation probe and cannula are special operating room instruments used to diagnose and treat problems with the uterus such as growths that cause abnormal bleeding.

Uterine Ablation System

The uterine palpation probe and cannula allows the gynecologist to perform surgery using modern techniques to treat problems with the uterus without full removal.. Ablation is a procedure that seals the inside of the uterus through cautery, so that abnormal bleeding can be controlled or eliminated, avoiding hysterectomy.

Mayo Stand and Trays

The mayo stand and trays are used to hold sterile instrument sets in the operating room during the procedure. The adjustable height is foot operated to keep hands free and to ensure sterility is maintained. The tray of instruments fits into the stand, for ease of use and set up.

OR Lights

These new lights will provide access to modern technology and high quality bulbs to improve lighting necessary for clear viewing of the surgical field.

Laparoscopic instruments

Laparoscopic instruments are used to complete surgery such as gallbladder removal, hernia repair or uterine removal without large incisions. This reduces surgical trauma and speeds recovery. The instruments are inserted into small incisions and the surgical procedure is completed using specialty tools and cameras to visual the surgery on a high definition monitor. As we increase the number of planned and emergency surgeries at the site, more reusable sets were needed to allow more patients access.

Endo Cart

This is a specially designed cart to improve access to endoscopy supplies and equipment in the room where endoscopy procedures are performed. Saves time and improves efficiency.

Billisoft LED PT System & Radiometer

Newborn babies are at risk for jaundice in their first few weeks of life. When jaundice levels (bilirubin levels) are high the newborn is placed in a device that emits light rays that break down the jaundice. A Bilisoft blanket, wraps around the baby and provides light therapy to reduce bilirubin levels. This constant exposure reduces the amount of time that the baby and parents need to be in hospital away from home and other family members. A Radiometer is a hand held device used to measure the amount of light emitted by the bili blanket. Under AHS policy and guidelines, it is necessary to ensure that the correct light levels are provided to ensure the safety and successful treatment each and every time.

Uterine Hysteroscope, Hysteroscope Kit, Instrument Tray, Fluid Control System

These are part of the gynecology surgical instruments and equipment needed to treat and diagnose uterine illnesses.

A Personal Story: Your Contribution Changes Lives

When we had our first daughter in 2005 I doctored in Rocky, prepared to deliver in town with our family physician and friends close by.

But things didn’t go as planned. After a rough labour the ambulance chauffeured us to the Red Deer hospital and it was determined that an emergency c-section was needed. Our daughter was born at 3:17 a.m. and our lives changed.

Our family was blessed with wonderful doctors and nurses and wonderful support from our families. I can’t recall the exact time but that first day we were told our angel had jaundice and needed light therapy. The following three days in the hospital when she was not being fed or changed our little girl was under the lights with felt sunglasses velcroed over her eyes. As a new mom with wild hormones, an incision and trying to navigate this new adventure I found the light therapy terrible, listening to our newborn cry. Whenever possible my husband, myself and other family would sneak a cuddle in.

On day three we headed home to Rocky. It was very exciting until we realized we were late on feeding time because of the time change that morning.

Our little girl still needed light therapy for the jaundice, we were instructed to go to the Rocky Hospital daily until the doctor approved. With fears of Velcro sunglasses we went to the hospital, only to get the best surprise. Instead of laying in a small bed under lights the doctor wrapped a billisoft blanket around the baby and handed her to me. It was like an answered prayer, our daughter getting the therapy she needed to treat her jaundice and I was able to hold her in my arms, it was what we both needed to bond. I remember thinking, ‘why didn’t they offer us this at the other hospital, this is so much better’.

The billisoft blankets are important to our hospital, to the moms, the babies, the families. When I heard the Foundation was fundraising for new blankets, I told them my story, it is my hope that other families have this wonderful experience when treating their new babies for jaundice.

...Michelle Meatheringham

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