The Environmental Services department are an invaluable resource to our facility. Cleaning and disinfecting the facility is vital to patient and staff safety. Portable carts are loaded with necessary tools for cleaning and assist them to perform their work efficiently.

The Rocky Mountain House Health Centre Nutrition and Food Services Department provides nourishment for admitted patients. They also support nutrition needs for staff, visitors and the public through the “Portage Café” which is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The resource room is available for patients to video conference with a specialist outside of our community. This includes psychiatrists, cardiologists and pediatricians as examples. The service helps patients to save time and travel while receiving expert care. It is also used by hospital staff to attend education sessions and meetings, eliminating the need to travel.

The auditorium, located in the basement of the facility, is available for meetings and education sessions with ample space and teleconferencing abilities.

A decontamination shower is available in the ambulance bay for patients that require decontamination before entering the facility. This is necessary to prevent staff, patients and public coming into contact with dangerous contaminates.

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